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Beyond web.config

I recently needed a configuration mechanism which would detect changes without requiring an application domain restart. I also wanted to move away from XML. This is what I came up with (and hopefully I’ll get some helpful feedback). First, we … Continue reading 

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Don’t Use Try/Catch

Exception handling has been talked about a lot over the last decade and a half. However, despite a general consensus on how to properly handle exceptions, a divide on usage continues to exist. Improper exception handling is easy to spot, … Continue reading 

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The WebForms Rant

Ever since ASP.NET MVC was announced/released, there’s been a lot of talk about it with respect to ASP.NET WebForms. People want to know which technology they should use, and are likely confused by the fact that there isn’t a consensus … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET Performance – Part 3a – Better Cache Busting

There have been some good, informative, comments to this series. One in particular, from Dan Sargeant, deserves to be addressed directly – in large part because its something I overlooked but need to implement, so I might as well share … Continue reading 

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You should know Linux

Its hard to get everyone to agree on what core competencies developers should have. I’ve long believed that knowledge of C is fundamental to becoming a great developer. Actually, C in general, memory management, pointer arithmetic, and basic hardware (interupts, … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET Performance – Part 5 – Nginx

The previous parts of this series focused on small pieces of code we could use to maximize real-world performance – largely based off of YSlow recommendations. In this final installment we’ll think outside the box (literally) by placing a reverse … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET Performance – Part 4 – CDN

In part 3 we created three helper functions to use when including css, js and images in our pages. As you might expect, YSlow has something to say about how to maximize the performance of such files beyond caching. Specifically, … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET Performance – Part 3 – Cache Busting

In part 2 of the series we looked at ways to tweak our headers to maximize performance. One of those tweaks was the addition of far-reaching expiry headers for static files (images, css, js). What happens though when you need … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET Performance – Part 2 – YSlow

In part 1 we looked at integrating a javascript compressor as part of our build process to shrink javascript files for production (at the time, I didn’t realize that it would lead to a series). Its worth mentioning that if … Continue reading 

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