Moving and Moving

A little while ago I decided to move my blog to I owe a lot to Brendan and CodeBetter, but I have an itch to talk about a broader set of topics than what I feel is appropriate here. I’m also becoming increasingly disenchanted towards MS and .NET and I know the constant nagging is seen as noise by a lot of people. If you’re interested, I hope you’ll follow me there.

Also, in less than 8 days, I’m packing a couple suitcases and moving from scarcely populated Canada to densely populated Hong Kong. I’ll be joining a talented team of Java and .NET developers in the financial industry. The offer was appealing in a number of ways, but their intense focus on TDD, their ALT.NET mentality and their desire to bring in Rails was really appealing.

See you on the virtual and geographical flip-side.

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5 Responses to Moving and Moving

  1. DaRage says:

    More and more ALT.NET people are becoming NOT.NET. what does that really say? Are ALT.NET people a bad fit for .NET and they would eventually get bored and move to something new anyway?

  2. Manoj Waikar says:

    Cool…since I am from east, I am happy to learn of your eastward move, may this become a trend 😉

    Heartiest best wishes for the new assignment

  3. NC says:


  4. Thank you Karl for all of your dedicated blogging at Codebetter. Your book was an outstanding contribution to all of us.

    Wish you the best and very jealous of your new gig. Sounds very cool!

  5. Henning Anderssen says:

    I’m sorry to see you leave CodeBetter. I’ll definitely follow you on your new site.
    Btw, I don’t think you’ve been nagging and making noise. I think the .net community would benefit from people like you, who challenge accepted ideas.

    Anyways, good luck with your move, both virtual and physical.