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Moving and Moving

A little while ago I decided to move my blog to I owe a lot to Brendan and CodeBetter, but I have an itch to talk about a broader set of topics than what I feel is appropriate here. I’m … Continue reading 

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Contributing to OSS, a Git Bootcamp

So you want to contribute to an OSS project, but its hosted on github and you don’t know where to start. This guide will cover the basics you’ll need to get contributing – something made relatively easy by Git itself. … Continue reading 

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NoSQL For The Rest Of Us

No one would blame you for strictly associating NoSQL with performance. Most of the back and forth about NoSQL – an umbrella term given for non-relational storage mechanisms – has squarely put the focus on performance, sites with massive traffic, … Continue reading 

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MongoDB, 5 characters, and a free job board

Today I came across – a StackExchange-like open source system running on ruby and mongodb. It took a couple clicks and a few keystroke, and I had setup and running for free. It was a quasi joke at … Continue reading 

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Unit Test the Behavior, Not the Implementation

As you write tests, you’ll often come across situations where the code which exibits a certain behavior is different than the code which causes the behavior to exist. Consider a simple case in Metsys.Bson – a BSON serializer. You can … Continue reading 

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