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Back to Basics: Delegates, Anonymous Methods and Lambda Expressions

code{color:#833;background:#fcfcfc;} h4{margin:30px 0px 0px 0px;font-color:#fff;font-weight:bold;border-bottom:1px dashed #ccc;font-variant: small-caps} Introduction Like generics, delegates are one of those features that developers use without really understanding. Initially this wasn’t really a problem since delegates were reserved for fairly specific purposes: implementing callbacks and … Continue reading 


What’s in a Title?

The relative hype around the Foundation ebook has been pretty fun. Today I noticed a very detailed (and positive) review of the book. Which is, of course, flattering. If there’s one thing a few people don’t care for though, it’s the title. … Continue reading 


My Thoughts on ASP.NET’s MVC

Like me, you might have been surprised that the foundation series didn’t have a chapter on the MVC pattern. I’m no fan of the existing page model (I actually think it’s horrible), and I’ve successfully used MonoRail on a few … Continue reading 


Foundations of Programming – Learning Application

If you’re anything like me, you probably learn a lot better by going through code rather than reading books. I’m happy to release the Foundations of Programming Learning Application – it’s a complete solution meant to show what was covered … Continue reading 


Foundations of Programming Ebook

I’m excited to finally release the official, and completely free, Foundations of Programming EBook. This essentially contains all 9 Foundation parts including a conclusion and some typical book fluff (table of content, acknowledgement and so on). A number of spelling … Continue reading 


Foundations of Programming – pt 9 – Proxy This and Proxy That

Few keywords are as simple yet amazingly powerful as virtual in C# (overridable in VB.NET). When you mark a method as virtual you allow an inheriting class to override the behavior. Without this functionality inheritance and polymorphism wouldn’t be of … Continue reading 


Foundations of Programming – pt 8 – Back to Basics: Exceptions

Exceptions are such powerful constructs that developers can get a little overwhelmed and far too defensive when dealing with them. This is unfortunate because exceptions actually represent a key opportunity for developers to make their system considerably more robust. In … Continue reading 


Foundations of Programming – pt 7 – Addendum

I’ve made two additions to Part 7. The first is based on a suggestion by Greg to talk about a common cause of memory leaks – events and delegates. The second is about deterministic finalization Memory Leaks with EventsThere’s one … Continue reading 


Foundations of Programming – pt 7 – Back to Basics: Memory

I’m back. Readers can expect a quality free pdf ebook once the series is complete (end of may at the latest hopefully). Try as they might, modern programming language can’t fully abstract fundamental aspects of computer systems. This is made … Continue reading 


Foundations of Programming – PDF

UPDATED: There’s an official free ebook now available here.   Tim Barcz was kind enough to compile the the foundation series into a single PDF, for your sharing/printer pleasure. You can grab it here  I’ll be taking a short break … Continue reading