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Database refactoring, or "How to remove a schema"

Welcome back, revolutionaries! We’ve had a small reprieve from the fight to let our early anarchy settle in and—….y’know what. The revolutionary jargon is getting too hard to write and the refactorings more involved so I’ll just throw out a … Continue reading 

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MbUnit fixtures, or "How to make your tests pass through attribute attrition"

using MbUnit.Framework; using Rhino.Mocks; namespace Suvius.Applications.LoveDoctor.Tests { public class CritterFixationFixture { private ISpeciesSelectorPresenterView view; private MockRepository mocks; private SpeciesSelectorPresenter presenter; [ SetUp ] public void SetUp( ) { mocks = new MockRepository( ); view = mocks.DynamicMock<ISpeciesSelectorPresenterView>( ); presenter = new … Continue reading 

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Removing #regions, or "How to keep your code expanded"

In a couple of recent posts, I’ve all but declared war on #regions. I’m not going to regurgitate my reasons but for those of you who go into "you won’t like me when I’m angry" mode when they see a … Continue reading 

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ClassTester, or "How to exercise your assembly"

Fear not, brethren and…uhhh….sistren. The resistance is still alive. But the revolutionary jargon will get in the way here so I’m reverting to a more traditional means of expression. Among the things we’ve implemented as part of our project clean-up … Continue reading 

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Test SetUp Methods, or "How to make yourself public"

Here’s a little sidebar that I bet you didn’t know. Actually, that was probably more accurate at my old site where my readership measured on a more, shall we say, intimate, scale. Anyway, I recently converted a project from NUnit … Continue reading 

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Refactoring by rote, or "How to have a ReSharper Orgy!"

Greetings brothers and sisters and solidarity to you. The revolution is off to a rousing start. We have integrated continuously and Comrade Marc Davis has won a key early victory by excising the putrid web service that so fiendishly guarded … Continue reading 

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Guerrilla refactoring, or "How to bring down a totalitarian regime"

Have started a new project at the current contract and I’m muy excited about it. It’s a "legacy" .NET 1.1 app that was upgraded to 2.0 by running the wizard, then left alone. It has a web service created by … Continue reading 

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The CodeBetter Hillbilly, or "How to build a better banjo"

The Coding Hillbilly has been called up to the Show! Seems the members of CodeBetter are serious about the "alternative" part of ALT.NET and thus, I have myself a new home. And hoo-ee, wouldja lookit the size o’ this place! … Continue reading 

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