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Career Opportunities in the Bahamas: Don’t get your hopes up yet

In response to numerous enquiries, I present: the reality of working the Bahamas. The part on living here will come maybe tomorrow but more likely next week. Before I start though, some background that will almost certainly break the mystique … Continue reading 

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CruiseControl, VS2008 and ASP.NET MVC

Everyone who e-mailed me asking about the realities of working down here, I will respond on this blog in the coming days. I need to take a break first and write on a technical topic since those seem to inspire … Continue reading 

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Wanted: IT Professionals to Create an Industry

There’s no getting around it. I live in the Bahamas and it’s about time I start accepting that fact. And one of the items that’s been on my to do list for a while now, nestled between "Lose ten pounds" … Continue reading 

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Interview question: Tell me about your mother

The Hillbilly turns 36 today and for my birthday, each and every one of you is going to give me a present by listenin’ to a little story of when I was but a wee developer fresh out of codin’ … Continue reading 

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West Palm Beach and the Fluent URLs

Ah, it’s good to be back on the circuit. The Hillbilly made his first speaking engagement since May ’06 earlier this week, thanks to the brave and trusting souls behind the South Florida .NET user groups. They have themselves a … Continue reading 

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Link: Top 10 Estimation Best Practices

Mike Griffiths is a project manager based in Calgary and has an awesome blog on agile project management. I admit I don’t always follow the hard-core estimation planning techniques but yesterday’s post on the Top 10 Estimation Best Practices is … Continue reading 

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Arial vs. Helvetica: The Smackdown

This is a bit of a departure but what is a blog if not a dumping ground for random thoughts? This isn’t really the point of this post but I’ve never liked Arial. It’s too "squished" for my tastes. I … Continue reading 

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NHibernate and ASP.NET MVC

Am playing with ASP.NET MVC these days in preparation for a couple o’ presentations on it. Jeffrey Palermo‘s CodeCampServer sample app has proven invaluable in this regard even if I have become overly cognizant that I’m ripping off his ideas. … Continue reading 

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Upcoming speaking engagements

Floridians beware! The Hillbilly descends on your fair state in the next few weeks: FlaDotNet – West Palm Beach, January 22, 2008   6:30pm Introducing MVC in .NET OnLoad, OnPreRender, OnRender, OnInit. Traditional web forms development makes it sound like you’re … Continue reading 

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Why not remote developers?

In my previous post whereby I lament the lack of companies willing to offer remote work, I wanted to touch on some of the arguments against using remote workers (and remote developers in particular) but felt it deserved a post … Continue reading 

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