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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Fighting the remote mindset

I’ve had not one, but two people say something along these lines to me in the last twenty-four hours: The promise of the 90s of all work being done remotely didn’t really come to pass. One of those people, Casey … Continue reading 

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AutoMockingContainer and ASP.NET MVC: Round 1

I resolved to pace myself a little better in ’08 on this blog. But then, I also resolved not to keep any of my resolutions. Mostly because I like the circular reference. I’m delving a little more deeply into the … Continue reading 

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BDD-style specification reporting in CC.Net

Shortly before I was given the free time I so dearly craved in such a Twilight Zone-esque manner, we had implemented Ryan LaNeve‘s fancy XSL technique for reporting BDD-style specifications from CC.NET. It gives some neat little feedback for your … Continue reading 

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Goodwill and Career Security

Suppose I should have waited before pimping myself out yesterday because there actually is a decent post in this. And one that wouldn’t have required me to walk that awkward line ‘twixt soliciting the readers and trying not to appear … Continue reading 

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A Hillbilly on the Prowl

In another lifetime/blog, I did a little mini-series on working remotely. It started with some tips on landing remote contracts and it’s time to practice what I preach after being unceremoniously thrown to the wolves today. Something about budgets or … Continue reading 

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Hiding code from ReSharper

ReSharper 3.1 is out, which you already knew. I put it off until this morning when I read Chris Patterson’s account of the solution-wide analysis and thought about how funny that might be to run against my current project. I … Continue reading 

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Model-View-Presenter in an MDI

The "How to" is gone from the title to be resurrected at appropriate intervals. In my last post, it was brought up in the comments that it was, and I quote, "naff". Wikipedia helped me with a definition which confused … Continue reading 

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Monitoring code coverage, or "How to descend into madness"

I don’t know how it happened. Throughout my career, I’ve been careful not to be "one of those guys". I scoffed inwardly at the discussions on the ALT.NET user group claiming that it could happen to anyone. "Surely I am … Continue reading 

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On Brownfield applications, or "How to ring in the new year on a positive note"

Caution: This post has very little technical content but may contain traces of inspiration and could induce vomiting. Do not read if you have heart problems or a healthy streak of cynicism. As you can imagine, hillbillies are optimists by … Continue reading 

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