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Getting ASP.NET MVC to do the dirty work

Hey, whaddaya know! I have some actual feedback to give on something in the form of "boy, I wish the product could do X". Who knew I had evaluation skillz? The product is ASP.NET MVC and I’m implementing some pretty … Continue reading 

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The Bahamas .NET User Group

OK, I’ve already given away the ending so I’ll skip the build-up. But to set the stage for the official announcement, I’ll direct your attention to the pictures adorning this post. They represent two of the workspaces I frequent, both … Continue reading 

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If it feels good, do it

When my daughter was born, and even during the nine months leading up to it, my wife and I read a *LOT* of books. On pregnancy, on child rearing, on labour, on how to cryogenically freeze the blood from the … Continue reading 

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Solution folders

So what’s your collective take on solution folders with Visual Studio? For the longest time, I didn’t pay them no never mind. Then there was a brief period when I had an intense love affair with them. Everything went into … Continue reading 

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AutoMockingContainer and ASP.NET MVC: Round 2

Many thanks to honorary hillbilly, Aaron Jensen for both nudging me into helping out when I lamented on the AutoMockingContainer/ASP.NET MVC combination and for helping me through my first official patch submission to an open source project. He was very … Continue reading 

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You broke the build!

Stumbled across this today in my search for build images. Perhaps not as subtle as Bil Simser’s broken build handout but I believe people will get the message: Don’t forget to check out Agnes’s friends at and

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How do you build your application?

The Hillbilly asks: How do you compile your application in your NAnt script for releases? There are many options, you see, even though the <solution> task is no longer one of them. You could use the <msbuild> task to build … Continue reading 

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Splitter bars: Not for the farsighted

I think there are a few "standard" controls that are in serious need of revisiting/refactoring. One of them is the splitter control. Below is an image from Word 2003 with a document on the left and the thesaurus on the … Continue reading 

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Presentation tips

Fresh from my experience at South Florida Code Camp and based entirely on the evaluations I got, we present "Tips for Better Presentations" 1. Pick up the pace. You only have an hour The overwhelming criticism aimed at me was … Continue reading 

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Dust off the credit card

During my presentations at South Florida Code Camp, some people asked on the tools I was using. I went off on a bit of a tangent on tools in general and cut myself off when it occurred to me, "this … Continue reading 

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