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RedirectToAction in Filter Attributes

Thankfully, ASP.NET MVC now has filters, seemingly called thus because that’s what they are called in Monorail whereas "interceptors" would probably be a more appropriate name. So I did what I imagine ninety percent of people are going to use … Continue reading 

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Lighten up, you’re having fun

There are a number of reasons I use the nom de guerre that I do. Primarily, it’s because I like being self-deprecating. Hard to bruise egos when the one you’re mocking is yourself. But it also adds some levity to … Continue reading 

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Table-per-concrete-class in NHibernate?

Normally when I have a problem I can’t solve right away, I bang away at it until I have a half-assed solution that I can post here so that others can provide a better solution in the comments. It’s how … Continue reading 

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TestControllerBuilder in MvcContrib

Yesterday, I cracked open the MvcContrib source code to see if it had….ummm…ok, I swear I was looking for something legitimate in there. But as soon as I updated the latest and opened the project, my eyes zeroed in on … Continue reading 

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Serializing to client script

I finally subscribed to Rick Strahl’s blog because an inordinate number of my Googling ends up there. It’s a little freakish the number of times I’ve hit his blog and had it solve the exact obscure problem I’m having. After … Continue reading 

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NHibernate error while adding a collection to an object

I’ll keep this one fairly Google-able due to the amount of time it took me to figure it out sans a similar reference. Seasoned NHibernate veterans will likely guess the issue before they finish reading this sentence. Here’s the error … Continue reading 

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Testing RedirectToAction in ASP.NET MVC

Crikey, am I having a time testing RedirectToAction on my controller with the new MVC Preview! How much of it is me and how much is the beta-ness of the framework, I will leave to your fair and impartial judgement. … Continue reading 

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Auto-generated vs. human-generated IDs

Got myself a delicious problem but there is another discussion to be had so I will leave you hanging on that one until a later post. I’ve already hinted at the software I’m working on for the time being. It’s … Continue reading 

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Client-side scripting, eight years on

There’s a point to this and a request for suggestions at the end so don’t be alarmed by the meandering I’m doing at the beginning. The Hillbilly is a bit of a black sheep in his family. I have three … Continue reading 

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Passing objects to controller actions in ASP.NET MVC

Here’s the bad thing about ASP.NET MVC. Every little thing about it is bloggable mostly because every little thing is new to it. I’m half considering using Monorail just because everything in it is so well-documented, I wouldn’t need to … Continue reading 

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