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Twas the day of the first BahaNet meeting…

Bahamas .NET User Group’s first meeting is tonight and I’m using my little pundit here to document some pre-game thoughts for posterity. So that I can compare notes to the post-game show. If I were to be honest with myself, … Continue reading 

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Bahamas .NET User Group – April 30

Quick announcement/reminder today. The inaugural meeting for the Bahamas .NET User Group is in two days. Thanks to IPBS for allowing us to use their office to host it. They are located on Moseley Lane. You can get to it … Continue reading 

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What do you do if you’re Salieri?

Watching the Polyglot Programming video courtesy of enabler-extraordinaire, Dave Laribee, and it revealed (or rather re-revealed) something about myself that I hope is common enough that I’ll get at least one BOOYAH in the comments. I watched Amadeus when I … Continue reading 

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Deserializing JSON into a list of abstract base classes

More adventures in JSON serialization. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s like a Saturday morning cartoon, it’s so exciting. And I’m afraid that’s about as far off topic as I’m going to get with this one because there’ll be a lot of … Continue reading 

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There’s a voice…

This is a rehash of a post from the last blog but I was reminded of it again after reading about Chris Ortman’s Developer Exchange Program, an idea with promise and I’ll be watching to see how it plays out. … Continue reading 

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How to convince your boss to let you go to DevTeach

Having backed out of the conference this weekend (for reasons I can make up if you care enough), my travel schedule focuses instead on DevTeach next month. And having typed that sentence out, I can’t help wondering if my … Continue reading 

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On diving into NHibernate

Here’s the thing with NHibernate: It’s hard. I’m mildly, bordering on moderately familiar with it and while it’s a powerful product, it’s a complicated one. This is due in no small part to the fragmented nature of the documentation. Some … Continue reading 

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jQuery and the ConventionController

Well here’s a fine how-do-ya-do. I’m using the ConventionController from MVCContrib which means I have controls with IDs like dto.JobName and dto.OrderedDate. Problem is, I can’t get at these things by ID in jQuery anymore. "#dto.JobName" in jQuery means (if … Continue reading 

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Who’s the next guy?

Have been playing with testing against an in-memory database recently but that’s not the subject of this post. Tt was one of the enablers for it, though. One of the ideas I talked about on my old home was Conscientious … Continue reading 

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Linq to NHibernate – The Day After

What a difference a day makes. Spent the better part of yesterday trying to figure out the Linq to NHibernate so that I could use Contains on something other than a string, like so: from job in session.Linq( ) where … Continue reading 

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