Blame Canada

I have a little secret. Well, more than one, but there is only one that I’m going to share today. By day, I’m an average (below average some would say) C# coder from the Great White North. Like most Canadians, I’m pretty quiet, and relatively polite.

I spend my days consulting for local companies. I take the odd trip to code camps (Victoria, Calgary, Phoenix to name a few) and user groups to speak about varioblamecanada2us things – TDD and Mono in particular. I even blog occasionally about various things related to .NET developing, but nothing to offensive because that wouldn’t be… Canadian (eh).

And yet, by night, after the samoyed has been walked and the kids are put in to bed, I fire up my RSS feed aggregator and start making notes on so me of the things I read. All kinds of notes. Not always nice notes. Some of these notes get blogged. Now, how can I blog these not-nice things and still maintain the facade of a nice, quiet Canadian? Why, I use a nom-de-plume (yes, here in Canada we have French too). Yes, today I confess to the greatest mystery in modern times.

No, I was not on the grassy knoll on November 22, 1963.

Even more diabolical: I am the Alt.Net Pursefight blogger. Yes, I am claiming to be the diabolical genius behind that blog. For those who were/are offended by the blog, you now can now Blame Canada for your displeasure.

Apologizes to Scott Bellware, who I understand is living in fear now due to everybody thinking it’s him. The next time I see him I shall have to make amends with a bottle of Laphroaig. I’m sure that the presence of this single-malt will cause the Igloo Coder to crawl out of the woodwork, but this is the price of penance.

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  • tshakah

    And a year later, the same question – I’ve come across the same problem as you, and google is not being so friendly today.

    Also, the links seem broken again – do you mind fixing them?

  • Kyle Baley

    It’s still relevant in that I haven’t replaced them. I haven’t looked to see if there is anything better because I’ve never had a need to look into the code. Since writing this post, I’ve opened both files exactly zero times.

    Links have been fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Bert Vanpeteghem

    2+ yrs after the post, are the Filter.cs and Parser.cs still relevant, or do better ways exist nowadays? 

    The links seem to be broken though, any chance you could restore these?

  • Scott Bellware

    If I lived in fear, do you think I would have shaken the tree so much for so long?

  • alberto

    You are just a fool. Happy birthday! 😛

  • Spartacus

    I’m Spartacus!

  • Mark Lennox

    I’m spartacus!

  • Bil Simser

    I thought I was?

  • Brendan Tompkins

    Impossible! I’m the Alt.Net Pursefight blogger

  • Joshua Flanagan

    Wow, it all makes perfect sense…
    Except… do they celebrate April Fool’s Day in Canada and/or the Bahamas?