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Close everything and unzip all

Couple o’ quick productivity tips. The first I posted on Twitter yesterday. That is, in Visual Studio, you can map Ctrl-Alt-F4 so that it closes all open document windows. It’s a noticeable time saver for me because I often get … Continue reading 

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BahaNET Meeting 2 – We Hardly Knew Ye

Need to be more on the ball with announcing community events that I’m hosting. The Bahamas .NET User Group had its second meeting on May 28 and it was another success. Running a user group is an odd kind of … Continue reading 

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Have been waiting for Derik to announce this for a while and it’s finally happened. He’s launched a new service called DimeCasts.NET. The site will be a repository for screencasts he’s done/doing on various .NET topics. He’s seeded it with … Continue reading 

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"Server cannot modify cookies" error in ASP.NET MVC

This post falls into the "Google-able errors" category and won’t be of much use to anyone who isn’t get the specific error. Here’s the error I was getting: Server cannot modify cookies after http headers have been sent This is … Continue reading 

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Not all truths are self-evident…

Here’s a true story from the other night that I’m going to masquerade as a lesson in listening to your clients and understanding their perspectives. Mostly, though, I just think it’ll provide you with some entertainment at my expense. In … Continue reading 

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Florida Tweener weekend

I was invited to speak at the Florida Tweener weekend which is the weekend ‘twixt the two TechEd weeks in Orlando. The schedule is up and I had no idea what the scale of this thing would be! Not only … Continue reading 

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Auto-registration in ASP.NET MVC

Coming off a week at DevTeach. Others have commented on how great it is so I’ll just use my own observation as a lead-in for the real meat. DevTeach gives me a renewed interest in learning. After seeing presentations on topics … Continue reading 

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Researching search

I’ve had "searching" on my mind lately but in a very narrow focus. Specifically, I have a Brownfield application for a client I dig up every so often whenever new features need to be added to it. (Off topic: As … Continue reading 

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Sparring before DevTeach

‘Tis the day before I head out for DevTeach and have already completed my pre-conference ritual with my wife. It’s a fun game we play a few times a year called "Why do you do this?" I was just settling … Continue reading 

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Good Gestalt!

The hillbilly recently upgraded his trailer to Windows Server 2008 but it wasn’t interesting enough to talk about, mostly because it went so seamlessly. So much so that I’m hauling out a post from my old blog rather instead of … Continue reading 

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