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Florida Tweener weekend

I was invited to speak at the Florida Tweener weekend which is the weekend ‘twixt the two TechEd weeks in Orlando. The schedule is up and I had no idea what the scale of this thing would be! Not only is there a full day .NET code camp but also over a dozen other activities. The ones I’m excited about are the Day of Agile, the Day of Silverlight, the Open Space, and the Mickey Mouse Club.NET session. The last one’s not on the schedule yet but I have high hopes.

For my part, I’ll be presenting on Brownfield applications, mostly because I have the presentation ready (well, actually Donald Belcham has the presentation ready). Luckily, I’m the first session in the morning on Saturday which leaves the rest of the weekend to drink it all in.

Oh, and don’t be dissuaded by the registration process. "Click to attend" is an appropriate name given how much &*%$ clicking you have to do to sign up.

Kyle the Tween

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  • http://profiles.google.com/jason.wingfield Jason Wingfield

    Man this is good advice! I’ve read Tim’s book too and I whole-heartedly agree that less is more. I’m working on my 5-year plan now, and we will be living either in Cabo San Lucas or Merida, Mexico at least 6 months of the year by then…hopefully more. Calgary life is hectic and far too much time is spent commuting or caught up in “hustle and bustle” for the sake of keeping up with the neighbours or buying shiny toys. i.e., cars, boats, trailer, snowmobile, bigger house, yadda yadda. 

    If you simplify and look at how much you really need to earn to have a great standard of living I’m sure most people would be surprised to find out it’s much less money than they expect. The toys are fun for a while but not worth the stress in the long run, in my opinion. I’d much rather have time to discover and learn, and be with loved ones than fuming in my car stuck on Deerfoot trail for 2 hours after the first or second or third snowfall of the season…

  • http://schambers.lostechies.com Sean Chambers

    Not sure if your’re from the orlando area, but the development community here is well…interesting =)

    The last codecamp I presented at, more people were interested in how to embed linq to sql code into their business logic then how to use TDD, nhibernate or CI. =)

    It was good none the less. A lot of the speakers are really good guys. Unfortunately i can’t make this event on that weekend. oh well! I would have liked to attend.