BahaNET Meeting 2 – We Hardly Knew Ye

Need to be more on the ball with announcing community events that I’m hosting.

The Bahamas .NET User Group had its second meeting on May 28 and it was another success. Running a user group is an odd kind of thing. There is more work than you imagined when you had the initial idea and you often get to the point where you wonder if it’s worth it. Then the meeting starts and goes by in a blur and when you’re driving home, you’re wishing you could meet every week instead of monthly. It’s a rush that is almost as good as…well, let’s not get carried away. It’s a good feeling is all.

The group was seven strong, not including me. That’s one more than last time, and that includes six newcomers.

The topic was Building Websites in ASP.NET. The group was small enough, and the topic dear enough to my heart, that I could, and did, veer off in directions I didn’t anticipate. At one point, I dove into the life cycle of an HTTP request, something I haven’t stopped to think about in many a full moon.

Still working on getting things to run smoothly. The e-mail I sent to the group reminding them of the date actually contained the wrong date. So between that and the last minute venue change of the last one, it looks like the third one will hopefully be the charm.

The good news: I recorded the session. The bad news: The air conditioning didn’t work and someone took mercy on me partway through by turning on the fan. A seemingly benign act of philanthropy but the fan happened to be directly over the microphone. Who knew air made that much noise when it moved?

The final half hour is nigh-incomprehensible so I had to mute the entire thing and add a soundtrack instead. My apologies for that. Guess you’re never to old to learn.

Part 1 (47 minutes – 40MB – WMV)

Part 2 (44 minutes – 37MB – WMV)

Silverlight version may come later when I figure out how to encode them into files smaller than 185Mb each.


The topic is Connecting Web Applications to a Database but there is still room for discussion on that if there is enough interest in something else. And if you have any other suggestions or want to help out yourself, you know where to reach me.

The most encouraging part of the last meeting: One attendee asked if we could meet more than once a month.

Kyle the Adrenalized

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  • Alexander J. Hanna

    Hi Kyle, sorry I missed the first meeting due to coding deadlines. However, I had plan to come to the last meeting on Thursday only to find out at 9PM on Wed that it was the incorrect date.

    I will make every effort to be to the next one.

  • Sebastian Carey

    Hi Kyle,
    Sorry i missed the meeting. BTW Micheal is the person me and Robert mentioned in the first meeting who informed us that he would have liked to attend but was unable to make it. So I’ll ask him to fill me in on the second portion of the meeting.

  • Kyle Baley

    That’s an excellent idea. I also forgot to have everyone introduce themselves. This is to highlight the key benefit of the group, which is to meet other people in the industry.

  • Michael J Cooper

    Kyle I would like to add to also that I would love for us to meet at least twice a month if that was possible and also I took alot from my first time at the meeting. The only thing I would have like to hear was at the very beginning of our meetings since alot of us were new was why Baha Net Group was started and what’s the main goal you hope to set out with these monthly meetings.

    Thanks and see you next month!!