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It’s okay to show a *little* confidence

Technically, I said I’d get technical. But there has been a spate of negativity lately and it’s making my rose-coloured glasses tingle. Typically, this causes me to shut down for a little while until it blows over but I’m going … Continue reading 

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BahaNET meeting and .NET Rocks

I’ve become rather acutely aware that my content has been lacking of late in the technical department. But I do have a couple of community announcements to make that are time-based so I’ll compromise a bit and combine them into … Continue reading 

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London Beers – Recap

Many thanks to Sebastian Lambla for inviting me to the London beers this past Tuesday evening. It was a fun evening and if you are in the London area, I’d recommend checking out future meetings. This was the second … Continue reading 

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[Rehash] Canadian Taxes for Non-Residents

Hillbilly’s not in much of a position to wax technical this week as he babysits budding economists in an oil & gas course in London. There’s a story behind why I’m doing that but it’s nowhere near as interesting as … Continue reading 

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Be it ever so humble…

The obligatory follow-up post to the 99% of you (give or take 2%) that didn’t attend my presentation, to let you know that I gave a presentation. This one is pure entertainment value only so if you’re looking to code … Continue reading 

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SimpleStateMachine on CodePlex

I bet you didn’t know hillbillies believe in kismet. Well, we do, mostly because it typically works in our favour. The minute things start going wrong, well, that’s just plain someone else’s fault and typically requires at least one lawsuit. … Continue reading 

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