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Going full circle with TDD

A couple of years ago, I had lunch with JP. It was before TDD had clicked for me and I was still very much a skeptic. As always, JP was passionate but not forceful in his explanation of it but … Continue reading 

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Incarceration Log – Day 4

It has been only four days since my self-imposed, month-long incarceration in the prison known as Corporate Calgary, but already the three walls of my cell close in around me. My oppressors continue their assault on my psyche with inhuman … Continue reading 

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Adding a customer field to a UI: Proposed solution

In yesterday’s post, I described a UI problem I was thinking about. Namely, how can you add a customer field to a UI. That post contains the criteria I’m looking for which I won’t repeat here because this sucker’s already … Continue reading 

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Adding a customer field to a UI

The Dilemma I’ve always tried to be conscious of building a decent UI while still recognizing that I’m better at critiquing them than creating them. And now, I’m looking at a problem that’s been staring me in the face for … Continue reading 

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Trying to access Windows Search from SQL Server: An Appeal

Had some time to review my search dilemma today and three billable hours later, I’m no further along in my task. There is no shortage of documentation on the new Windows Search and I do so desperately want to try … Continue reading 

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Review of the Check-In Dance

This started as a promotion for the dimecast I recently did on the Check-In Dance but I think it’s worth reviewing in more detail. Don’t know if he coined the phrase but I first heard of the Check-In Dance from … Continue reading 

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Well, Canada turns 141 years old today and as we all know, 141 is the Conference anniversary. So in keeping with that, registration is now open for the Canada Open Spaces Extravaganza. Get your requests in early because only … Continue reading 

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