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Revisiting the onion

I’m working on a chapter on layering for the upcoming Brownfield book, and for better or for worse, we’re including a section on the onion architecture. I’ve heard the term mentioned for some time now but for the life of … Continue reading 

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So…that happened

The first Canada conference is come and gone and as Doc went through the rules of engagement for Open Spaces on Friday evening, the one that stuck out for me this time was "Whatever happens is the only thing … Continue reading 

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Learn HTML. But only if you want to.

In my penultimate post, there was a comment from Chris that I purposely didn’t include in the follow up: It’s amazing how many ASP.NET "Web Developers" don’t know anything ,or very little anyway, about html and javascript. My response to … Continue reading 

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Random responses to MVC comments

Some pretty good comments in my most recent post on (re-)learning HTML in order to work with MVC. A few worth expanding upon. Will Shaver says: Actually… I’d counter that Javascript is the hardest tool in the box to use … Continue reading 

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The HTML Theme: Please don’t let me be misunderstood

Presented last week at the Calgary .NET User Group and the Edmonton .NET User Group. Both went swimmingly in this hillbilly’s view and I had a fantastic time doing both. At some point, I’m going to have to admit to … Continue reading 

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