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ASP.NET MVC and jQuery can now produce legitimate offspring

You know this by now but my university English professor is a mean sucker and would hunt me down if I didn’t provide context for this post. Microsoft will be shipping jQuery with ASP.NET MVC and Visual Studio. I imagine … Continue reading 

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Can you refactor to MVC?

Not feeling too subtle today so I’ve given the punchline away in the title here. After wandering neck-deep into MVP and MVC, I’m now thinking about refactoring brownfield applications toward them. And it occurred to me: is it reasonable to … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET MVC Sample Project: Suvius.Flamingo

When presenting on ASP.NET MVC, I use an application I started nigh on two years ago when I was a wee whelp extolling the virtues of Atlas. It’s no longer AJAX-y but it does demonstrate MVC and I’ve put it … Continue reading 

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The Apple Buying Experience: Bahamian Edition (Part 1)

Over the summer, the hillbilly sold his Canadian trailer to a pair of lovely ladies who I will assume are sisters even though they look nothing alike. A goodly pile o’ the proceeds has been put to good use but … Continue reading 

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Do the right thing. Assuming you know what that is.

I have kind of a love/hate thing going for Roy Osherove’s blog. The "hate" part comes because he always challenges my perspective when I least expect it. Some of his posts seem like they are baiting people and it is … Continue reading 

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Feeling out Bahamas Code Camp possibilities

What’s the first thing you think of when I say "Bahamas in February"? If you said "code", then you’re my target audience for this post. First, a recap of the BahaNET meeting last Thursday night. We finally hit double-digit attendance … Continue reading 

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MVC vs. MVP: A Hillbilly’s Journey

Yes, I know you’ve read this before so stop rolling your eyes and skip it if you’re not interested. I’m not coming at this from the perspective of an expert imparting knowledge but as a hillbilly who has ignored the … Continue reading 

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BahaNET meeting this Thursday, September 11

Quick note to announce that Hurricanes Hanna and Ike haven’t dampened our resolve! BahaNET is meeting this Thursday, hopefully at the usual place but I haven’t quite verified yet. Discussion topic will be source control. Specifically, how to set it … Continue reading 

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Becoming a remote developer

A moon or two ago, at the Canada conference, Tom Opgenorth convened a session on working without pants. And since Tropical Storm Hanna is turning out to be a non-event for me, I have some time to expand on … Continue reading 

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