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Coding with a net: An anecdote

I’m in the early stages of a new project with the dashing and debonair Brian Donahue. On the plus side, despite his misgivings, the codebase is in pretty phenomenal shape all things considered. SVN repository, automated build and tests, ActiveRecord, … Continue reading 

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DevTeach presentations explained

I’m preparing my presentations for DevTeach and have come to realize that there is a price to pay for creativity. Here are the abstracts for three of my presentations. Guerrilla Refactoring Greetings, comrades. Welcome to the resistance! Our quarry today … Continue reading 

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Protectionism via self-improvement

A couple of things have got protectionism on my mind. It comes up surprisingly often because the Bahamas seems to be, by and large, a protectionism nation. That is based solely on personal observation, not on any sort of fact-checking. … Continue reading 

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Sharing code styles in ReSharper

Have just started a new project and my first task is some Silverlight thingamajig that I’m sure I’ll go on about ad nauseum in the coming weeks. But first, let’s talk about some ReSharper settings. My very first check-in in … Continue reading 

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Epiphany on a plumber

I told a condensed version of this story on Twitter but it bears repeating in a more rambling format. We replaced the reverse osmosis system on our water at home today. Old unit worked well enough I think but was … Continue reading 

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