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Change the world. Start at home

As the year lurches to a close, I’ma gettin’ all reflective and stuff. The last two years have been pretty key for me career-wise. Looking back, you’d almost think I had a plan. In general terms, 2007 was learning hillbilly … Continue reading 

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Many-to-many relationships with data attached in NHibernate

I’m such a nice brother. For Christmas this year, I got my older brother an MVC application to help him with some of his community work for his land surveying responsibilities. In return, I’ve got a nice little app that’s … Continue reading 

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An investigation into routes

This post would probably be more entertaining if I dictated it because then you could all have a good chuckle on my Canadian pronunciation on "route". For the record, it is supposed to be pronounced "root", which is clean, terse, … Continue reading 

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Yes, I know how it’s spelled. But "GAC" doesn’t fully demonstrate the wretching feeling I typically get when I’m dealing with it. So I’m trying my hand on some onomatopoeia. I was recording a Dimecast this morning on S#arp Architecture … Continue reading 

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How do you tame the many heads of the hydra?

There have been numerous posts about hiring the "right" people. One of the more ideal characteristics is a passion for the industry and for learning new techniques. But as I look at more and more code written by these zealots … Continue reading 

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