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Experimenting with virtual hard drives

Some interesting comments to yesterday’s post on working with VMs, enough so that I’m going to free-associate in a follow-up. A couple of people reported success with using a second virtual hard drive rather than a shared folder. I did … Continue reading 

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Getting used to working with VMs

Since getting his new desktop a couple o’ weeks ago, the hillbilly’s gone all virtual. I’ve been playing with virtual machines as my primary destination, leaving the host as dumb as I can possible make it. And to be quite … Continue reading 

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Re-opening the trailer

This is a managerial update that I’ll include now so as to double my post count for the month. I have resurrected my old blog over at Those of you who subscribe to my personal feed (and lord knows … Continue reading 

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NHibernate Profiler: Minute 15

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Lord Tunderin’ Jayzus! The target this time is NHibernate Profiler. As of this moment, I’ve had it "installed" for all of fifteen minutes and I’ve already reduced the query count of … Continue reading 

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