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Kinesis Advantage Review #1, or “How to relearn to tysppe”

Keeping this terser than usual. Got a new keyboard three days ago and want to record initial thoughts. Follow up to come in a few weeks. For now: Freakin’ HATE it! Space on one thumb, backspace on another. Alt-tab requires … Continue reading 

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ViEmu/ReSharper update

I could just update my existing post from a couple of days ago but I have another point to make afterward. Firstly, there is a minor release of ViEmu available as of yesterday. What I found most notable was near … Continue reading 

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Quick Cyclomatic Complexity Question

Should’ve known better to ask this question on Twitter. Let it not be said that there are no downsides to always poking fun our tendency to take things too seriously. Here’s some code: function void Process( Job job ) { … Continue reading 

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ViEmu and ReSharper, or “How to tone down your highlights”

Let it not be said the RSI is all fun and games. The hillbilly has just realized that he can legally date someone half his age and while that might open up a world of possibilities within his family tree … Continue reading 

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NInject Contextual Binding, or “How to defy Mick Jagger and always get what you want”

Going ahead with this post without a full investigation because, well, isn’t that pretty much the defining characteristic of a blog? I’m working on an application that reads data from a database and dumps it to an XML file. So … Continue reading 

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MVC ViewPage Compile Error, or “How to exist in both places”

This post is here for informational purposes only and is meant to be hit by users searching for a specific error. If you are reading this in your RSS reader, I apologize in advance for forcing you to read this … Continue reading 

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