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TeamCity @ CodeBetter

Have to admit, I wasn’t expecting the popularity of the CodeBetter TeamCity project. The requests have slowed in recent weeks but at last count, there were 35 projects with 51 build configurations. Along the way, I’ve had crash courses in … Continue reading 

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The insurance of software, or “How to take joy in being risk-averse”

Have been following Greg’s and Ayende’s online debate and one of Greg’s comments is an awesome tie-in to a half-written post that I can now complete. Its not just about YAGNI its about risk management. We make the decision early … Continue reading 

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Re-review of Kinesis

I’m over a month in with my new keyboard and, as promised, here is the follow-up. Typing speed has returned to more sporting level, as I had expected. The exercises included with the keyboard, while not Pulitzer Prize material, do … Continue reading 

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Development Project Archetypes, or “How to pigeon-hole”

One of the more entertaining and satisfying sections Donald and I have written for Brownfield Application Development is on Development Project Archetypes. That is, the types of people you encounter on a development project. Donald’s been outlining them on his … Continue reading 

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OpenRasta, or “How to speak REST”

The hillbilly is on a new project. Well actually, I’m on two new projects but I’m still working on how to Code Better on the one that involves stored procs in Oracle, a web site project (vs. web application project), … Continue reading 

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JsUnit and NAnt, or “How to automate JavaScript testing for fun and/or profit”

I’m going to go out on a limb and posit that a few of you have attempted, and possibly succeeded, at integrating JsUnit into an automated build process. Assuming that is true, you people are off my Christmas card list … Continue reading 

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