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Development Project Archetypes, or “How to pigeon-hole”

One of the more entertaining and satisfying sections Donald and I have written for Brownfield Application Development is on Development Project Archetypes. That is, the types of people you encounter on a development project. Donald’s been outlining them on his blog for the last couple of weeks and is about halfway through the list. To date, he’s covered:

  • The Ivory Tower Architect
  • The Absentee Client
  • The Disenfranchised Client
  • The Process-Heavy PM
  • The Front of the Magazine Architect
  • The Ex-Tech Project Manager

Rest assured that developers themselves will not be spared before the list is through. Beware these people. And for the love of all that is hillbilly, don’t be any of them.

Kyle the Cautionary

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  • http://codebetter.com/members/kylebaley/default.aspx Kyle Baley

    It’s hard *not* to be some of these people sometimes. I’m going to be mighty hypocritical when Don gets to The “Oooo…Shiny!” Developer

  • http://philippe.developpez.com Philippe Vialatte

    Nice, I can not wait to see the full list in the book 😉

    Now, where am I in this list 😀 ?

  • Nair

    Now that you mentioned it, I need to buy your book to make sure I am not one them :)