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Branching out, or “How to live life outside ASP.NET MVC”

I’m in the early stages of writing a web app with a friend who has been somewhat on the periphery of ASP.NET MVC. As in, when someone says “let’s build a web app”, he doesn’t automatically reach for the MVC … Continue reading 

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TeamCity.CodeBetter Project List

The question was asked: Dammit, why can’t you do anything right? But that’s not a question worth answering at the moment, instead I’ll focus on a different question that was asked: Some of the projects on the TeamCity/CodeBetter offspring (or, … Continue reading 

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Mindless vs. Mindful Meetings, or “How to think before you meet”

I struggle with a lot of things. No, no, it’s true. I’m not the infallible coder of the earth that my online persona may have you believe. There are things in this world that I have trouble with. Saran Wrap, … Continue reading 

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