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The question was asked: Dammit, why can’t you do anything right?

But that’s not a question worth answering at the moment, instead I’ll focus on a different question that was asked: Some of the projects on the TeamCity/CodeBetter offspring (or, to be more inline with its parents’ love of Pascal casing, OffSpring) sound interesting, but not all of them pop up on Google. Is there a list of all the projects with descriptions?

The TeamCity administrators hummed and hawed a bit before deciding on our answer: no. So I set about creating one. Forthwith:

Project Url Description
AutoMapper A convention-based automapper
CodeCampServer Sample MVC app for hosting code camps
ColorCode Library for syntax highlighting
Concordion.Net An acceptance testing framework that allows users to place their specifications in an HTML file. These files contain references to fixtures in test code that are executed by Concordion
CThru A collection of open source projects, all on the Typemock Open-AOP API
dnAnalytics An open source numerical library for the .NET Framework and Mono
Docu A documentation generator for .Net that isn’t complicated, awkward, or difficult to use
Fluent ADO.Net A lightweight wrapper around Ado.Net, designed to be used in a fluent manner, encourage code reused, and make mapping to domain classes easier.
Fluent NHibernate Fluent, XML-less, compile safe, automated,  testable mappings for NHibernate.
FubuMVC A Front Controller-style framework designed primarily for Web applications built upon ASP.NET (though it could be used for non-web/non-ASP.NET purposes)
HandleCheck A Java Google AppEngine-based service for checking available handles (a.k.a. usernames) across the Web
HORN .NET port of Portage
IncludeCombiner A component for mashing together & compressing scripts & CSS within an ASP.NET MVC site to improve front-end performance
Index 4 Objects Class library that extends LINQ to allow you to put indexes on your objects. The speed of LINQ operations are often over one thousand times faster than without i4o.
LinFu A set of libraries that extend the CLR by adding: AOP, dynamic proxies, late binding, mixins, universal event handling, closures with lambda arguments, duck typing, design by contract
Machine Machine is a collection of libraries and utilities.
MassTransit Lean service bus implementation for building loosely coupled applications using the .NET framework
MVCContrib Adds additional functionality on top of the MVC Framework
N2 CMS Open source content management system based on ASP.NET version 2.0 (or more)
NBehave A framework for Behaviour-Driven Development
NGenerics A class library providing generic data structures and algorithms not implemented in the standard .NET framework
NHaml A pure .NET implementation of the popular Rails Haml view engine
NHibernate Seriously, do you need a description?
Ninject Lightning-fast dependency injection for .net
NServiceBus A powerful, yet lightweight, open source messaging framework for designing distributed .NET enterprise systems
SolrNet Solr client for .NET. Solr is an open source enterprise search server based on the Lucene Java search library
State Machine Toolkit A generic state machine in C#
VisualCI   A suite of applications that monitor the health of builds over different build server types (CruiseControl, TeamCity, etc.) **Not published yet**
Regionerate An automatic layout enforcement tool for the C# programming language
Rhino A collection of useful tools for developers in .Net, including mocking framework, utility library, extension to Castle’s Windsor, etc.
S#arp Architecture An architectural foundation for building maintainable web applications with ASP.NET MVC 
Spark A view engine for Asp.Net Mvc and Castle Project MonoRail frameworks
Story Teller Automated acceptance testing for .Net
Structure Map A Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control tool for .Net
StyleCop for ReSharper A ReSharper plugin that allows Microsoft StyleCop to be run as you type, generating real-time highlighting of violations and automatic fixing of StyleCop issues
Subtext A personal blog publishing platform that focuses on usability, elegance, and simplicity
Tarantino A collection of libraries and tools to facilitate change management and development Unit testing framework for .NET

All of you project administrators out there, I would recommend you update your descriptions accordingly. This won’t be the definitive list for very long so if someone is browsing through the list, it would be nice to see something descriptive in there.

And JetBrains, if you’re listening, a URL field for the project would be dandy like the wine bearing its name.

Kyle the Compiled

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background-color: #eeeeee;
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background-color: #cccccc;

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  • Mark Nijhof

    Wow this is really an impressive contribution to the Open Source community. Thank you!