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Piquing curiosity, or “How to scratch the surface”

Another in the series of “reviewer feedback I’m going to deal with using dicey justification techniques” for Brownfield Application Development. This time, there were concerns that the topics covered in the book don’t go in-depth enough. One reviewer said he … Continue reading 

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Gondorff and Hooker vs. Butch and Sundance

At the beginning of the project I’m on, I made a humbling mistake. There were two others on the team, an employee and another contractor. The mandate the other contractor and I were given was to introduce some new techniques … Continue reading 

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Compile => CI => Tests, or "How to compile first, test later"

A common piece of feedback we got for early reviews of Brownfield Application Development is that the automated testing chapter should come before the automated build/continuous integration chapter. This was an awesome bit of feedback mostly because we could ignore … Continue reading 

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Unflattening a list, or "How to ask ‘how to’"

Code challenge time! And by code challenge, I mean, “Do my work for me so I don’t have to think/Google”. We have a parent object, called Parent, and each one has a collection of child objects, called AllegedChild. Ignore potential … Continue reading 

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