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TeamCity and CodeBetter update, or “How to move past the honeymoon phase”

The one year anniversary of when the TeamCity/CodeBetter collaboration was brought online. The reason I know this is because the product has a helpful feature whereby it warns you quite clearly at the top of the page when your license … Continue reading 

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Using AutoHotKey to map the Ctrl key, or “How to Ctrl your closure”

Quick productivity blorg today. Because if hillbillies are known for anything, it’s their efficacy. And their ability to use words they don’t quite know the meaning of but can fake in context. (I’m referring, of course, to “efficacy”. I know … Continue reading 

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Search functionality: heavy on the research, light on the development

The word “and” has always bugged me. I hate started sentences with it but sometimes can’t help myself. Whenever I have a list of three or more items in a sentence, I can never tell whether I should be a … Continue reading 

Posted in Lucene.NET | 6 Comments vs. Indexing Services, or “How to conquer your fear of index management”

Long-winded background for this long-winded post can be found here and here. The short version is: I have an app that searches using a full-text search of a document repository consisting of Office docs and PDFs. The current version uses … Continue reading 

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Death of a user group, or “How to give up”

Bahamas Software Development User Group, we hardly knew ye. It’s been just over a year since I started the short-lived group but alas! It is no more. In this post-mortem, we discuss What Went Wrong by providing smug pieces of … Continue reading 

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