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Consulting vs. Employee-hood, or “How to consider your options”

Before recently taking on my current two contracts, I flirted briefly with a position as an employee. In the end, I decided not to take the job on the grounds that they didn’t want to hire me and it made … Continue reading 

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OR-ing criteria with NHibernate, or “How to include it all”

Gonna delve away from CodeBetter tradition into more of the realm of our sister site, Devlicious. I.e. This post will be about code, not about thinking about writing code. Having gone through this monstrous exercise though, I gotta say, Ivory … Continue reading 

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Revisiting “Maintainable for whom?”, or “How to justify your crap”

Some time ago, I had a small crisis of conscience as I worked on an app for my dad’s company. At the time, I wondered about the long-term viability of using so-called advanced tools like NHibernate, IoC, and MVC. Specifically, … Continue reading 

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