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The usefulness of interaction tests, or “How to question the method”

More and more often these days, I’ve been having a crisis of faith conscience when it comes to TDD, or rather, interaction testing in general. It happens more so on projects where I’m the only developer or there is a … Continue reading 

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BigTable concerns, or “How to put your trust in the cloud”

I didn’t necessarily mean to piggyback off Greg’s two posts on ORMs but c’mon, what’s a hillbilly to do when he perpetuates such negative stereotypes? I mean, before you start knocking it, have any of you *tried* kissing your sister? … Continue reading 

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Security in GWT, or “How to lay the foundation”

Almost three years ago to the day, I concluded a post with this: I hate security and all software and hardware related to it, including but not limited to: anti-virus, spam, phishing, SSL, permissions, LDAP, NTLM, forms authentication, SecurID tokens, … Continue reading 

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CI and Google App Engine, or “How to force your way in”

If you’re the type that skips titles, we’re using Google App Engine in our project, mostly because it’s there. I jest. We’re using it because it’s scalable and high performance and reliable and whatever other reason you can think of … Continue reading 

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CodeBetter CI Server update, or “How to plead your case”

A couple of months ago, I threw up a little PSA for people wanting to make project requests for I’m going to expand on it a little here in response to the most common errors and omissions I see. … Continue reading 

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gwt-presenter, or “How to get excited about MVP”

I’m in week four of my Google Web Toolkit adventure and things are heating up nicely. I’ve already switched to IntelliJ and back to Eclipse at least once (not really counting the two times I switched in my head while … Continue reading 

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Life outside .NET, or “How to check out your neighbours”

The hillbilly be all Java’d up these days. For coming on three weeks, I’ve been the lone developer on a project based on Google Web Toolkit. It’s a web framework (naturally) that allows developers to build applications in Java and … Continue reading 

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