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The why of writing, or “How to acknowledge your betters”

You wouldn’t know if from reading my blog lately but yes, I’ve still been working on Brownfield Application Development in .NET with Donald Belcham. The good news is that the book is done. And as much as I would have … Continue reading 

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MIX OpenRasta sample available for download

The code from my Mix presentation on building REST applications with OpenRasta can be found here. Check out the ReadMe file to get started. The app is a very basic music library. The home page lets you enter the path … Continue reading 

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Passivity, or “How to help your views leave the nest”

Google Web Toolkit has proven an interesting beast to code with. It’s not every web framework that encourages you to use passive view so strongly. That’s thanks partially to gwt-presenter which makes it pretty easy for views to be stupid. … Continue reading 

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