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MIX OpenRasta sample available for download

The code from my Mix presentation on building REST applications with OpenRasta can be found here. Check out the ReadMe file to get started.

The app is a very basic music library. The home page lets you enter the path to a folder containing MP3 or WMA files and it will load a database table with the metadata from those files.

If you have any trouble, please post in comments so I can respond for the greater good. Similarly, I can make this available via Subversion or Git if there is enough interest.

If you didn’t watch the presentation and are wondering about the pink, I made a little detour about company naming strategies in order to explain why I chose Flamingo for the name. It’s a well-rehearsed spiel that I’ve been making for some time now so I shan’t elaborate here.

Kyle the Restrained

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  • http://codebetter.com/members/kylebaley/default.aspx Kyle Baley

    Couple of comments are posted over at: http://kyle.baley.org/MIXOpenRastaSampleAvailableForDownload.aspx

    – Get latest version of UltraID3 Lib if you have trouble reading metadata for your MP3s
    – Catalogue.aspx is missing a closing tag which is causing it to blow up in Chrome