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Defect culture, or “How to broach quality”

My marketing skillz aren’t the greatest. Which is probably why two of my three favorite sections of Brownfield Application Development in .NET are available free. The one that isn’t is chapter 1 which I like because it opens with a … Continue reading 

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The search interface, or “How to find people”

*** This post is actually about a month old. But I need to click Publish twice in Live Writer to actually publish it on CodeBetter. Gotta remember to ping Brendan about removing that restriction now that Laribee doesn’t publish all … Continue reading 

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Architectural changes, or “How to decide if and when to start over”

Still heads down in start-up mode with GWT these days, which sounds more glamorous than it is in practice. That said, we’re looking for a junior Java developer and a Web Marketing Assistant so send on your details if you’re … Continue reading 

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Priority management, or “Why do you do that thing that you do?”

I hope this post doesn’t come across as contry-vershul as I expect it will. I do have a larger point to make. That said, I take comfort in the fact that I live in a country where laws are seen … Continue reading 

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