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Automating browser actions with Vimium and AutoHotKey

Quick PSA today on automating tasks in web apps that don’t have keyboard shortcuts. I had to migrate about 110 stories from one AgileZen project to another. As yet, AgileZen’s API is read-only so after confirming that the eldest offspring … Continue reading 

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Rietveld update, or “How to make code reviews fun (without canceling them)”

I have a new mistress and her name is Rietveld. I call her Veldy or sometimes, in the throes of passion, RV. But only because I have no idea how to pronounce Rietveld out loud. In a recent post, I … Continue reading 

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Comments back up

Was playing chicken with a comment spammer a week or so ago and shut down comments when the game stopped being fun and he/she/it started showing signs of sentience. They’re back up now.

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Rietveld, or “How to revamp your code review process”

For me, code reviews have traditionally been one of those aspects of software development that fall into the “good idea; bad execution” category. It’s something that I know we’re supposed to do but when someone says, “let’s do a code … Continue reading 

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