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Using an NHibernate Formula to aid searching

Executive Summary: Use a formula in an NHibernate mapping to facilitate searching the entire string, “LastName, FirstName”, for a User object. Will see how long this Executive Summary thing lasts. Getting tired of people wasting my time by posting comments … Continue reading 

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YouTrack for OSS Projects, or “How to broadcast your issues”

Bug tracking probably means something different to you than it does to the Hillbilly but if it gets you half as excited as it gets me, be sure to wander on over to As a sister-aunt service to, … Continue reading 

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Why Java?, or “How to describe a decision process”

Executive Summary: With all of our experience in Microsoft technologies, why did we choose Google Web Toolkit over other technologies for our start-up? Almost six months ago, I described my initial reaction to Java coming from ten years in the … Continue reading 

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