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Options for upgrading an App Engine application

Executive Summary: If you can’t figure it out from the title, then perhaps you should skip to the next post in your reader. Now that we have a version of our application in the wild, and we’ve been forced to … Continue reading 

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It’s been many months of coding and even more months of planning but the time has come for some publicity. BookedIN is the name of the application we’ve been working on since the beginning of the year. The logo should … Continue reading 

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Relationships in BigTable, or “How to put extra effort into being lazy”

Executive Summary: We’ve had to re-think some of the relationships between our objects with BigTable and, in some cases, reverse them. One thing you can never accuse the hillbilly of is proper use of prepositions. Another thing of which you … Continue reading 

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Launching beta, or “How to decide when and where to cut corners”

Executive Summary: Introspection on how to cut corners for the initial launch of a public application with reference to Nate Kohari’s recent post on the subject. As we amble forward on our little private venture, there are a number of … Continue reading 

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