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Tip for running GWT UI tests in CI, or “How to be ignorant without the bliss”

Executive Summary: Wherein the cunning, dapper, and incredibly well-shod hillbilly adeptly and skillfully solves one of the enduring and endearing mysteries of the universe: Why the &*%$ does the first cucumber scenario in the CI build for our GWT app … Continue reading 

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Thinking about the user, or “How to consider the experience”

Over at my day, evening, and night job, I just posted something on simplicity. The audience for that blog is such that I don’t really like to go into as much detail as I normally do. Lucky for me, I … Continue reading 

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Running cucumber tests against GWT/AppEngine in TeamCity, or “How to CI with UI”

Executive summary: Setting up automated UI tests for an GWT/AppEngine application using TeamCity for CI and Cucumber for the tests. Settle in folks. I’ma feelin’ verbose… Sometimes this “best tool for the job” schtick is a royal pain in the … Continue reading 

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A reason to UI test, or “How to fill in the gaps”

Dja miss me? Of course not. You’re reading this in an RSS reader and if I hadn’t asked the question, you wouldn’t have noticed I was gone. If you’re like me, you’re scanning through until you can find any reason … Continue reading 

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