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QA: A Hillbilly Love Story

The hillbilly turned forty last weekend! I’ve been anticipating this giddily because now, I can be crotchety and people will still find me adorable. I hate QA. Hate, hate, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE it. I despise it so much, I … Continue reading 

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AppEngine Thoughts, or “How to support a cloud”

AppEngine has new pricing as of November 7 which has generated much discussion, most of it as exciting as deciding which wine to serve with raccoon (answer: dandelion). So with the segue established, I shall pontificate on what I believe … Continue reading 

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Deploying a new version of a GWT app

For the record, I’ve never even been offered a Microsoft MVP. How’s THAT for street cred! That said, if the MVP lead in my area is reading: even though I don’t speak at user groups these days and hardly blog … Continue reading 

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