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Death of a user group, or “How to give up”

Bahamas Software Development User Group, we hardly knew ye. It’s been just over a year since I started the short-lived group but alas! It is no more. In this post-mortem, we discuss What Went Wrong by providing smug pieces of … Continue reading 

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Protectionism via self-improvement

A couple of things have got protectionism on my mind. It comes up surprisingly often because the Bahamas seems to be, by and large, a protectionism nation. That is based solely on personal observation, not on any sort of fact-checking. … Continue reading 

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Feeling out Bahamas Code Camp possibilities

What’s the first thing you think of when I say "Bahamas in February"? If you said "code", then you’re my target audience for this post. First, a recap of the BahaNET meeting last Thursday night. We finally hit double-digit attendance … Continue reading 

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BahaNET meeting this Thursday, September 11

Quick note to announce that Hurricanes Hanna and Ike haven’t dampened our resolve! BahaNET is meeting this Thursday, hopefully at the usual place but I haven’t quite verified yet. Discussion topic will be source control. Specifically, how to set it … Continue reading 

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BahaNET meeting and .NET Rocks

I’ve become rather acutely aware that my content has been lacking of late in the technical department. But I do have a couple of community announcements to make that are time-based so I’ll compromise a bit and combine them into … Continue reading 

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BahaNET Meeting 2 – We Hardly Knew Ye

Need to be more on the ball with announcing community events that I’m hosting. The Bahamas .NET User Group had its second meeting on May 28 and it was another success. Running a user group is an odd kind of … Continue reading 

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BahaNET Meeting 1: A Recap

NOTE: This post is about a day and a half late. I could claim that I wanted the event to sink in first but the reality is I was trying to get a handle back on things after a very … Continue reading 

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Twas the day of the first BahaNet meeting…

Bahamas .NET User Group’s first meeting is tonight and I’m using my little pundit here to document some pre-game thoughts for posterity. So that I can compare notes to the post-game show. If I were to be honest with myself, … Continue reading 

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Bahamas .NET User Group – April 30

Quick announcement/reminder today. The inaugural meeting for the Bahamas .NET User Group is in two days. Thanks to IPBS for allowing us to use their office to host it. They are located on Moseley Lane. You can get to it … Continue reading 

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