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Avoid Testing Implementation Details, Test Behaviours

Every so often I return to Kent Beck’s Test-Driven Development. I honestly believe it to be one of the finest software development books ever written. What I love about the book is its simplicity. There is a sparseness to it … Continue reading 


Tips for UI Tests with GWT: HTML IDs, or “How to buy votes”

Earlier this year, I resolved to be twice as entertaining as last year and I’m so confident that I can attain that goal that I’m going to actively flaunt it by talking about automating UI tests against a GWT/AppEngine application. … Continue reading 

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Mocks and Tell Don’t Ask

One of our alumni Karl blogged a request recently for folks to stop using mocks. Once upon a time I also made clear that I had a significant distrust of mocks. I’ve mellowed on that position over time, so I … Continue reading 

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How Can I Make This More Testable?

I’ve been going through a refactoring exercise recently with my SSIS data source component for OData (or WCF data services to be more specific).  The primary goals of the refactoring were: Move as much logic as possible out of the … Continue reading 

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TDD/BDD and the lean startup

A post at Hacker News caused a little bit of a storm on Twitter, by questioning if a lean startup needed to use Test First or if it was an obstacle to delivery. Build the right thing, or avoid Rework … Continue reading 

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Running cucumber tests against GWT/AppEngine in TeamCity, or “How to CI with UI”

Executive summary: Setting up automated UI tests for an GWT/AppEngine application using TeamCity for CI and Cucumber for the tests. Settle in folks. I’ma feelin’ verbose… Sometimes this “best tool for the job” schtick is a royal pain in the … Continue reading 

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BDD, Feature Injection (and the Whirlpool)

I have started to feel comfortable enough about our BDD practice to begin presenting on the techniques. Liz Keogh came to my last presentation at London .Net Developers Group and suggested that I needed to look at Feature Injection as … Continue reading 

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Where we are with acceptance testing and our BDD journey today

It’s a long post. Sorry about that. Get yourself a coffee and a comfy chair. I have spoken in the past about our path to Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) through Story Test Driven Development (STDD) and Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD). … Continue reading 

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Astoria, SSIS Adapters and BDD – Projecting Projections

The big idea behind ADO.NET Data Services is that it enables a data source (generally a relational data source) to be exposed via a RESTful service.  In the context of fetching data – which is the principle concern of our … Continue reading 

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MSpec v0.3

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is beta (still). The assertion library is new and may have bugs. I’d appreciate you testing it on your specs, but don’t fight specs breaking too hard if they do, let me know what happened and revert, … Continue reading 

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