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Defect culture, or “How to broach quality”

My marketing skillz aren’t the greatest. Which is probably why two of my three favorite sections of Brownfield Application Development in .NET are available free. The one that isn’t is chapter 1 which I like because it opens with a … Continue reading 

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Priority management, or “Why do you do that thing that you do?”

I hope this post doesn’t come across as contry-vershul as I expect it will. I do have a larger point to make. That said, I take comfort in the fact that I live in a country where laws are seen … Continue reading 

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The why of writing, or “How to acknowledge your betters”

You wouldn’t know if from reading my blog lately but yes, I’ve still been working on Brownfield Application Development in .NET with Donald Belcham. The good news is that the book is done. And as much as I would have … Continue reading 


Piquing curiosity, or “How to scratch the surface”

Another in the series of “reviewer feedback I’m going to deal with using dicey justification techniques” for Brownfield Application Development. This time, there were concerns that the topics covered in the book don’t go in-depth enough. One reviewer said he … Continue reading 

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Compile => CI => Tests, or "How to compile first, test later"

A common piece of feedback we got for early reviews of Brownfield Application Development is that the automated testing chapter should come before the automated build/continuous integration chapter. This was an awesome bit of feedback mostly because we could ignore … Continue reading 

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Development Project Archetypes, or “How to pigeon-hole”

One of the more entertaining and satisfying sections Donald and I have written for Brownfield Application Development is on Development Project Archetypes. That is, the types of people you encounter on a development project. Donald’s been outlining them on his … Continue reading 


How do you tame the many heads of the hydra?

There have been numerous posts about hiring the "right" people. One of the more ideal characteristics is a passion for the industry and for learning new techniques. But as I look at more and more code written by these zealots … Continue reading 

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Coding with a net: An anecdote

I’m in the early stages of a new project with the dashing and debonair Brian Donahue. On the plus side, despite his misgivings, the codebase is in pretty phenomenal shape all things considered. SVN repository, automated build and tests, ActiveRecord, … Continue reading 

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DevTeach presentations explained

I’m preparing my presentations for DevTeach and have come to realize that there is a price to pay for creativity. Here are the abstracts for three of my presentations. Guerrilla Refactoring Greetings, comrades. Welcome to the resistance! Our quarry today … Continue reading 

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Can you refactor to MVC?

Not feeling too subtle today so I’ve given the punchline away in the title here. After wandering neck-deep into MVP and MVC, I’m now thinking about refactoring brownfield applications toward them. And it occurred to me: is it reasonable to … Continue reading 

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