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Revisiting the onion

I’m working on a chapter on layering for the upcoming Brownfield book, and for better or for worse, we’re including a section on the onion architecture. I’ve heard the term mentioned for some time now but for the life of … Continue reading 


Review of the Check-In Dance

This started as a promotion for the dimecast I recently did on the Check-In Dance but I think it’s worth reviewing in more detail. Don’t know if he coined the phrase but I first heard of the Check-In Dance from … Continue reading 

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BahaNET meeting and .NET Rocks

I’ve become rather acutely aware that my content has been lacking of late in the technical department. But I do have a couple of community announcements to make that are time-based so I’ll compromise a bit and combine them into … Continue reading 

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Be it ever so humble…

The obligatory follow-up post to the 99% of you (give or take 2%) that didn’t attend my presentation, to let you know that I gave a presentation. This one is pure entertainment value only so if you’re looking to code … Continue reading 

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Florida Tweener weekend

I was invited to speak at the Florida Tweener weekend which is the weekend ‘twixt the two TechEd weeks in Orlando. The schedule is up and I had no idea what the scale of this thing would be! Not only … Continue reading 

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Researching search

I’ve had "searching" on my mind lately but in a very narrow focus. Specifically, I have a Brownfield application for a client I dig up every so often whenever new features need to be added to it. (Off topic: As … Continue reading 


Brownfield Application Development in .NET

Suppose it would have been more appropriate to make today’s announcement yesterday but c’est la vie, que sera sera, ou est la biblioteque and all that. I’m writing a book with Donald Belcham on practices and techniques that can be … Continue reading 


Upcoming speaking engagements

Floridians beware! The Hillbilly descends on your fair state in the next few weeks: FlaDotNet – West Palm Beach, January 22, 2008   6:30pm Introducing MVC in .NET OnLoad, OnPreRender, OnRender, OnInit. Traditional web forms development makes it sound like you’re … Continue reading 

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Model-View-Presenter in an MDI

The "How to" is gone from the title to be resurrected at appropriate intervals. In my last post, it was brought up in the comments that it was, and I quote, "naff". Wikipedia helped me with a definition which confused … Continue reading 

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On Brownfield applications, or "How to ring in the new year on a positive note"

Caution: This post has very little technical content but may contain traces of inspiration and could induce vomiting. Do not read if you have heart problems or a healthy streak of cynicism. As you can imagine, hillbillies are optimists by … Continue reading 

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