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Death of a user group, or “How to give up”

Bahamas Software Development User Group, we hardly knew ye. It’s been just over a year since I started the short-lived group but alas! It is no more. In this post-mortem, we discuss What Went Wrong by providing smug pieces of … Continue reading 

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TeamCity.CodeBetter Project List

The question was asked: Dammit, why can’t you do anything right? But that’s not a question worth answering at the moment, instead I’ll focus on a different question that was asked: Some of the projects on the TeamCity/CodeBetter offspring (or, … Continue reading 

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TeamCity @ CodeBetter

Have to admit, I wasn’t expecting the popularity of the CodeBetter TeamCity project. The requests have slowed in recent weeks but at last count, there were 35 projects with 51 build configurations. Along the way, I’ve had crash courses in … Continue reading 

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Change the world. Start at home

As the year lurches to a close, I’ma gettin’ all reflective and stuff. The last two years have been pretty key for me career-wise. Looking back, you’d almost think I had a plan. In general terms, 2007 was learning hillbilly … Continue reading 

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Pimpin’ DevTeach

Been putting this post off until I could give it the attention it deserves but the merits keep piling up on their own. DevTeach starts in about 3 weeks (yikes, is that all?) and there has been a flurry of … Continue reading 

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Presenting the KaizenConf Workshops

UPDATE 1: Schedule is coming tonight. Each workshop is approximately three hours long. We’re going with a longer form to get more knowledge transfer, interactivity, etc. UPDATE 2: Based on space and time constraints, there will be two sessions going … Continue reading 

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DevTeach presentations explained

I’m preparing my presentations for DevTeach and have come to realize that there is a price to pay for creativity. Here are the abstracts for three of my presentations. Guerrilla Refactoring Greetings, comrades. Welcome to the resistance! Our quarry today … Continue reading 

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Protectionism via self-improvement

A couple of things have got protectionism on my mind. It comes up surprisingly often because the Bahamas seems to be, by and large, a protectionism nation. That is based solely on personal observation, not on any sort of fact-checking. … Continue reading 

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Do the right thing. Assuming you know what that is.

I have kind of a love/hate thing going for Roy Osherove’s blog. The "hate" part comes because he always challenges my perspective when I least expect it. Some of his posts seem like they are baiting people and it is … Continue reading 

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Feeling out Bahamas Code Camp possibilities

What’s the first thing you think of when I say "Bahamas in February"? If you said "code", then you’re my target audience for this post. First, a recap of the BahaNET meeting last Thursday night. We finally hit double-digit attendance … Continue reading 

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