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DDDD 6 [Fluent Builders, Alternate Ending]

Sitting with an awesome view of Seattle … Last night I spent some time over at Eleutian with Aaron and during our discussions we talked a bit about Fluent Builders. He brought up an interesting idea to me of whether … Continue reading 

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Book Review: Hacking Vim

Some time ago, Packt Publishing sent me a copy of Hacking Vim: A Cookbook to get the Most out of the Latest Vim Editor by Kim Shulz to review. I read through it pretty quickly and I must say I … Continue reading 

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DDDD 1 [When to Message]

Just as a bit of a preamble, today is the first of what will hopefully be many days of me knocking out my blog backlog by actually taking an hour lunch and bringing my laptop to write. Unfortunately I currently … Continue reading 

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Trying out Linq for NHibernate

The hillbilly loves to be humbled. It’s why he refers to himself in the third person. It’s a liberating feeling knowing there are people out there who are smarter, faster, and know more lyrics to Air Supply songs than you. … Continue reading 

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Wrapping up nHibernate in repositories

In my last post I discussed wrapping up the two core objects of nHibernate, the sessionmanagerfactory and the session, in a helper class. At the end of the story I briefly mentioned how to use helper objects in a repository. … Continue reading 


Unity IoC and ASP.NET MVC Framework Screencast

Based on several requests, I created a new screencast that shows one step-by-step how to add the Unity IoC Container from Microsoft Patterns & Practices to an ASP.NET MVC Web Application to create controllers and inject their dependencies. Unity IoC – … Continue reading 


I’m a free agent

I quit my job today, and it’s been one of the best days I’ve ever had.  It’s felt like a large weight lifting off of my chest. EDIT 4/5/2008:  Chad & I are still getting some nasty emails, so I’ve … Continue reading 


Announcing the Patterns & Practices Patterns Factory

For some time now I’ve been working on a project that I’ve not been able to talk about. Well today, I am finally able to let the cat out of the bag. One of the challenges we’ve been hearing about … Continue reading 

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Enterprise Library 4.0 CTP Available

Microsoft Patterns & Practices released the Enterprise Library 4.0 CTP. You can download it here. If you use Enterprise Library quite a bit, at a minimum I recommend downloading the change log to see if they missed a bug or issue … Continue reading 

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Prism talk at WPF Bootcamp

Some months ago I delivered a talk on “Prism’ at the WPF Bootcamp. The talk gives a good overview of why we are doing this work. At the time of this demo it was very early, before we even started … Continue reading 

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