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Deploying a new version of a GWT app

For the record, I’ve never even been offered a Microsoft MVP. How’s THAT for street cred! That said, if the MVP lead in my area is reading: even though I don’t speak at user groups these days and hardly blog … Continue reading 

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Using AppEngine (and GWT) in a CI environment

These days, I don’t much like being ahead of, behind, askance of, or otherwise deviated from the curve. It used to fit well with my “blogging as a nervous tic” phase of early 2008 when I would apparently post about … Continue reading 

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Deciding on technology? It depends, or “How to GWT off”

Humble apologies to those who were on Twitter the evening of Independence Day. I celebrated the birth of the US by converting my personal blog to WordPress and the Twitter plugin wanted to get acquainted with its new home by … Continue reading 

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Tips for UI Tests with GWT: HTML IDs, or “How to buy votes”

Earlier this year, I resolved to be twice as entertaining as last year and I’m so confident that I can attain that goal that I’m going to actively flaunt it by talking about automating UI tests against a GWT/AppEngine application. … Continue reading 

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Google UI Faux Pas, or “How to show love, Hillbilly-style”

Executive Summary: Google doesn’t always get things right. To make my transformation from Microsoft lackey to Google stooge complete, BookedIN is going to Google IO this year. And thanks to developer extraordinaire, Philippe Beaudoin, we’ve even got a spot on … Continue reading 

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Tip for running GWT UI tests in CI, or “How to be ignorant without the bliss”

Executive Summary: Wherein the cunning, dapper, and incredibly well-shod hillbilly adeptly and skillfully solves one of the enduring and endearing mysteries of the universe: Why the &*%$ does the first cucumber scenario in the CI build for our GWT app … Continue reading 

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Running cucumber tests against GWT/AppEngine in TeamCity, or “How to CI with UI”

Executive summary: Setting up automated UI tests for an GWT/AppEngine application using TeamCity for CI and Cucumber for the tests. Settle in folks. I’ma feelin’ verbose… Sometimes this “best tool for the job” schtick is a royal pain in the … Continue reading 

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Command pattern architecture, or “How to do it a little at a time”

In the comments of a recent post, some people pointed out some questionable practices: Modifying the data access when I should be modifying the business model Using a NoSQL data store when a relational one would be more appropriate for … Continue reading 

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It’s been many months of coding and even more months of planning but the time has come for some publicity. BookedIN is the name of the application we’ve been working on since the beginning of the year. The logo should … Continue reading 

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Why Java?, or “How to describe a decision process”

Executive Summary: With all of our experience in Microsoft technologies, why did we choose Google Web Toolkit over other technologies for our start-up? Almost six months ago, I described my initial reaction to Java coming from ten years in the … Continue reading 

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