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Commands in GWT, or “How to dispatch your async to the handler and register a callback”

We’ve hired two new developers to our team, effectively tripling our development staff. So I’m celebrating the alleviation on my workload with some posts that are essentially going to be documentation for the junior developer. I hope she has a … Continue reading 

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Multi-tenancy, or “How to make GWT communal”

Before I get started, I should point out I may have a shaky definition of the term “multitenancy”. I haven’t exactly studied up on it but I’ve skimmed some blog posts and I hope it means what I think it … Continue reading 

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Architectural changes, or “How to decide if and when to start over”

Still heads down in start-up mode with GWT these days, which sounds more glamorous than it is in practice. That said, we’re looking for a junior Java developer and a Web Marketing Assistant so send on your details if you’re … Continue reading 

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Passivity, or “How to help your views leave the nest”

Google Web Toolkit has proven an interesting beast to code with. It’s not every web framework that encourages you to use passive view so strongly. That’s thanks partially to gwt-presenter which makes it pretty easy for views to be stupid. … Continue reading 

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BigTable concerns, or “How to put your trust in the cloud”

I didn’t necessarily mean to piggyback off Greg’s two posts on ORMs but c’mon, what’s a hillbilly to do when he perpetuates such negative stereotypes? I mean, before you start knocking it, have any of you *tried* kissing your sister? … Continue reading 

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Security in GWT, or “How to lay the foundation”

Almost three years ago to the day, I concluded a post with this: I hate security and all software and hardware related to it, including but not limited to: anti-virus, spam, phishing, SSL, permissions, LDAP, NTLM, forms authentication, SecurID tokens, … Continue reading 


gwt-presenter, or “How to get excited about MVP”

I’m in week four of my Google Web Toolkit adventure and things are heating up nicely. I’ve already switched to IntelliJ and back to Eclipse at least once (not really counting the two times I switched in my head while … Continue reading 


Life outside .NET, or “How to check out your neighbours”

The hillbilly be all Java’d up these days. For coming on three weeks, I’ve been the lone developer on a project based on Google Web Toolkit. It’s a web framework (naturally) that allows developers to build applications in Java and … Continue reading 

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