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Improving Your Audio: Pop Filter Edition

In Improving Your Audio: Hardware Edition, I focused on the importance of good audio hardware. No amount of post-processing is going to turn poor raw audio into a listenable podcast/webcast/screencast. It would be like trying to print a high resolution … Continue reading 

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Improving Your Audio: Hardware Edition

[ASIDE: Community Server (our current blogging engine here at is swallowing the HTML5 <audio> tags in this post along with the Flash Player fallback. To hear HTML5 audio in your browser, jump to here with a browser that supports … Continue reading 

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New Machine Parts List

I guess there’s something in the water – I’ve now been bitten by the “upgrade my dev machine” bug.  In my case, it really comes down to one very fundamental gap in my current setup – my > 3 yr … Continue reading 

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Re-review of Kinesis

I’m over a month in with my new keyboard and, as promised, here is the follow-up. Typing speed has returned to more sporting level, as I had expected. The exercises included with the keyboard, while not Pulitzer Prize material, do … Continue reading 

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Kinesis Advantage Review #1, or “How to relearn to tysppe”

Keeping this terser than usual. Got a new keyboard three days ago and want to record initial thoughts. Follow up to come in a few weeks. For now: Freakin’ HATE it! Space on one thumb, backspace on another. Alt-tab requires … Continue reading 


NHibernate versus Ultimate Developer Rig – Kovacs Edition

Today I decided to contribute some patches to the upcoming NHibernate 2.0 release. First order of business was to get latest and then run: nant clean build > output-debug-build.log which compiles NHibernate and the unit tests. Unfortunately something went horribly … Continue reading 

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Ultimate Developer Rig – Kovacs Edition

As I mentioned here, my motherboard died a horrible death two days after its warranty expired. The motherboard was based on the 939 platform for AMD processors, which has been discontinued in favour of the newer AM2 platform. My choice … Continue reading 

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My new laptop I wear on my hip.

Last week I decided its time to get a new phone.  I’ve always had just a “phone”.  You couldn’t do anything more with it than dial numbers and talk to people (although my last phone, the Motorola V300 did have … Continue reading 

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Passing the screwdriver to the next generation (Fiddling with a computer housing)

Today was a special day. It would have been my dad’s 77th birthday. He didn’t even live to celebrate his 70th. As a technical engineer, specialized in thin layers, he worked for Philips. His first main project concerned the inner coating … Continue reading 

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Of mice and old men

Working all day with screen, keyboard and mouse is quite a stress to some parts of your body. Over the years, getting old, you have to pay the toll. Sore wrists and tired eyes can become side-effects of your hard … Continue reading