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Sunspots, cyborgs and ambient intelligence in Groningen

In the Dutch city of Groningen is the Mediacentrale: It’s a former power plant which has been transformed into a centre for multimedia and other IT business. March 16th, it was stage for Amigro, a 1 day conference on ambient intelligence.(Google … Continue reading 

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Salvaging the contents of a (Dell) XP home disk

Friends of mine fried their Dell family box. The fan outlet had been blocked to long so the poor thing died. They carted in a new one; the new models seem to anticipate on overheating, as they have a very … Continue reading 


Setting up a simple internet server (pt1)

My company (which is just me) has a web site which really needs a big refresh. At the moment it is a static bunch of html on a Unix box. I want a lot more and taking a look at … Continue reading 

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Quantum componentry in your computers – super computers on the way!

Received an email from a guy I know through our blogs and the shared blogs we follow regarding quantum computing.  I posted awhile back on quantum cryptography. If you haven’t seen some of what AtomChip Corporation is doing, you should … Continue reading 


Digital photography ? It’s still the glass which makes the camera

Everything is going digital over the last couple of years. Which revolutionizes the way we work with information. But digital is not a substitute for everything. Take digital photography. The number of mega-pixels of the camera (in your phone) is … Continue reading 

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Transaction Cost Analysis – Capacity Model for Internet Transactions

I had this oddly named file in My Documents, and opened it up to see what it was.  Turned out to be a whitepaper I had downloaded years ago on Transaction Cost Analysis – Capacity Model for Internet Transactions.  It … Continue reading 

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Information on RAID configurations

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.  RAID levels that exists are levels 0 – 7, but the most popular are 0,1,3 and 5.  I will give a brief overview of those levels below. RAID provides you with redundancy … Continue reading 

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Meet the robots

Today was the final of the RoboChallenge where robots compete on the ability to find and catch differnent colored balls. Amongst others the event is sponsored by Microsoft: .NET was used amongst the platforms used for the robot software. Amongst … Continue reading 


Maxtor, network storage for the masses

For quite some time I am a very content user of an external Maxtor USB drive. This week it was joined a Maxtor “shared storage drive“. With a price of an euro a gigabyte I couldn’t leave it on the … Continue reading 


CeBit : technology, entertainment and social networking

Going to the Cebit ICT trade fair was a day well spent. Visited the show on a trip organized by Groniningen ICT  with ICT people from my part of the country. Hannover is a 4 hour bus ride which flies away … Continue reading 

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