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Running cucumber tests against GWT/AppEngine in TeamCity, or “How to CI with UI”

Executive summary: Setting up automated UI tests for an GWT/AppEngine application using TeamCity for CI and Cucumber for the tests. Settle in folks. I’ma feelin’ verbose… Sometimes this “best tool for the job” schtick is a royal pain in the … Continue reading 

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Why Java?, or “How to describe a decision process”

Executive Summary: With all of our experience in Microsoft technologies, why did we choose Google Web Toolkit over other technologies for our start-up? Almost six months ago, I described my initial reaction to Java coming from ten years in the … Continue reading 

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Life outside .NET, or “How to check out your neighbours”

The hillbilly be all Java’d up these days. For coming on three weeks, I’ve been the lone developer on a project based on Google Web Toolkit. It’s a web framework (naturally) that allows developers to build applications in Java and … Continue reading 

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