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JsUnit and NAnt, or “How to automate JavaScript testing for fun and/or profit”

I’m going to go out on a limb and posit that a few of you have attempted, and possibly succeeded, at integrating JsUnit into an automated build process. Assuming that is true, you people are off my Christmas card list … Continue reading 

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NAnt on Windows Server 2008 64-bit with .NET 3.5

Side note: I really miss my “, or How to…” blog post titles. The title should have narrowed down the focus for you already. I’ve been bear wrestling with some OSS projects on Team City for a few weeks now. … Continue reading 

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Transitioning from NAnt to Rake

Maybe you’re interested in this Rake business. Maybe you’ve got a big investment in a whole build infrastructure in NAnt. Maybe, just maybe, it’s impractical to convert the whole enchilada over at once. What do you do? Wrap it in … Continue reading 

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Automated deployments

In my last post, I ran on about automated releases. So much so that adding automated deployments at the end seemed like cruel punishment. So instead, I decided to make it a separate post. Still a cruel punishment, but now … Continue reading 

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How do you build your application?

The Hillbilly asks: How do you compile your application in your NAnt script for releases? There are many options, you see, even though the <solution> task is no longer one of them. You could use the <msbuild> task to build … Continue reading 

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